Michael Embrich is an author, traveler, military researcher, and veteran. In his adventures Michael has traveled to some of the most significant American historical locations in the world. He has met veterans and interacted with them all over the US and Europe, from the private officers’ clubs in New York City to graveside mourners of war dead in Italy and Belgium. From the American-veteran Expats in Paris to banished, forgotten and deported American veterans in South and Central America to those who have started new careers and businesses, and some are doing amazing things and sharing their talents with the world. This book highlights Embrich’s favorite veteran – owned and operated establishments in cities around the U.S. and beyond. It also features necessary advice on how to live like the locals in dive-bar Veterans of Foreign Wars clubs and back-room American Legion halls where Presidents were made and punches were thrown, all without ending up on the receiving end of those punches. In addition to his favorite places and business, Embrich’s words tell an even deeper story of the men and women who risked all to fight for democracy abroad and for their brothers and sisters on the battlefield.